Too Real To Be True workshop
- Site-specific composition workshop directed by Rodrigo Pardo
"The theatre’s raw material is not the actor, nor the space, nor the text, but the attention, the seeing, the hearing, the mind of the spectator. Theatre is the art of the spectator"
Eugenio Barba (The paper Canoe)

Artifice is everywhere, just a little change of perspective and what we call reality is transformed into a pattern of life, a style, a way of being in the world, something recognizable and measurable that in its suspicious recurrence reveals a hidden structure, the script in which we all are the actors. As we build the dreams from the shreds of truth left behind by the day, the quotidian is also built on a solid foundation of fantasy and is in between those two worlds where the artist needs to keep the tension alive, the mystery that goes beyond definition and emerges only in the lived experience.

Departing from the choice of site-specific creation as a way to enter in a direct dialogue with reality and looking to develop a poetic awareness on how it is perceived, the workshop analyses composition tools coming from theatre, dance and movie making techniques in its interaction with public spaces. This study is not only centred in the performance itself as an isolated artistic object but also in the way it is actively co-created by the spectator , as it is described by theorists like Jaques Ranciere or Erika Fischer-Lichte.

The workshop starts with a presentation of visual and writing material followed by a discussion in which the feasibility problems related to site-specific productions are also took in consideration. The participants are then asked to gather in groups and create short performances placed inside an established perimeter not far from the workshop location. Guided along the creation process by Rodrigo Pardo, the groups finally propose the scenes to the other participants in a showing “tour” across the city connecting the different chosen locations.
The workshop is usually completed in 5 days (other formats are possible) and it is directed to people with any kind of performing arts background together with writers, filmmakers or musicians interested in the confrontation of their practice to a site-specific stage.

*It is also possible to envisage a “pandemic” version, presenting all the visual and theoretical material via Zoom and guiding the participants to develop and film their individual performances.

Rodrigo Pardo
MA in Performing Arts (Dasarts-Amsterdam/NL), and graduated Contemporary Dancer and Actor (TGSM/Argentine). His choreographic and site-specific pieces has been presented by international festivals like: Biennale Di Venezia/IT, International Festival of Buenos Aires/AR, Festival de Marseille/FR, Napoli theatro Festival/IT,or Dance Umbrella/UK, while his work has been supported by institutions like: Creative Europe, In-Situ/European network, Lieux Publics/FR, Empac/New York/US, or Antorchas Fundation/AR.
Rodrigo is currently based in Munich and Marseille, from where he alternates his creation and teaching work in different parts of Europe.

Links to some of his site-specific work :
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Site specific Buenos Aires