Too Real To Be True workshop
creation in between reality and fiction


Artifice is everywhere, just a little change of perspective and what we call reality is transformed into a pattern of life, a style, a way of being in the world, something recognizable and measurable that in its suspicious recurrence reveals a hidden structure, the script in which we are the actors.

As we build the dreams from the shreds of truth left behind by the day, the quotidian is also built on a solid foundation of fantasy, and is in between those two worlds where the artist must keep the doubt alive, the mystery that goes beyond definition an lives only in the lived experience.

TOO REAL... gathers in the frame of a workshop the experiences from my latest creations linked to the duality reality/fiction. It is primarily directed to people with performing arts background, writers, filmmakers and musicians with compositional skills (not only interpreters) with interest in the confrontation of their art and site-specific places.

  • The workshop begins with a presentation of excerpts of my own works, followed by other films and texts like the first Louis Lumier's footage, the description of the spectacular society by Guy Debord or the thought of Slavoj Žižek, among other examples to analyze.
  • In a second practical stage, participants are guided to create short fictional scenes, choreographies or sound interventions in different points of the city chosen by them, and inside a perimeter of one kilometre around the area where the workshop take place.
  • The last day of the workshop the whole group goes in a "tour" through the city in which the scenes are watched and played by the participants. It is followed by a final discussion on the work presented and the theoretical material previously studied.