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Declared world's cultural heritage by the Unesco, TANGO not only represents the Argentinean culture but the universal icon of glamour and sophisticated seduction. From Rudolph Valentino till today we cannot separate its image from the panoply of heels, splits, and roses clasped between gritted teeth commonly associated with it

TANGO was never meant to fit, spatially and mentally, in a TOILET room, as an urinal was never meant to be an art object before it was placed in a gallery.
As a kind of inverted Duchamp's "ready made" effect, Rodrigo Pardo brings the extraordinary into the ordinary creating an humorous and thought-provoking event of contrasted images.

Usually performed in a shop’s window, it is physically placed in the border of the public and the private , a theater space gained from daily life that helps to reinforce the voyeuristic sensation given by the intimacy exposed.

"With irony, elegance and eroticism Rodrigo Pardo revisits the traditional rite of the tango in a contemporary and conceptual way”.
Giornale di Sicilia, Viviana Cique, July 2009

“Short, dynamic, fizzy, saucy and thought-provoking: this is theatre at its best.”, Giannandrea Poesio, October 2008

“(..) a charmingly imaginative little reminder of dance’s ability to transform any space – a bathroom, a footpath, you name it – into something very special indeed, it’s splendid, and goes down like a hot little mocha on a cold autumn day. “
TELGRAPH  UK , Mark Monahan, October 2008

“Toilet Tango is a gem of street theatre. Wittily imagined, impeccably performed and just 10 minutes long, it not only draws the crowds, it keeps them.”
THE GUARDIAN, Judith Mackrell, October 2008

“10 fulminating minutes, with great beauty,  poetry and melancholy. Such a simple and perfect thing is close to geniality.”
La Nuova Venezia, Roberto Lamatea, June 2007


Tango Toilet

GADETEATER FESTIVAL DENMARK 2018 promotional video


15 Oct. 2013- Thessaloniki
26 May 2010- The Culture Vulture (English)
14 July 2009- Cronaca di Palermo (Italian)
July 2009- La Reppublica (Italian)
04 July 2009 - La Provence (French)
03 July 2009 - La Provence (French)
04 June 2009 - La Marseillese (French)
15 Oct. 2008 - "The Guardian" ( Eng)"
14 Oct. 2008 -"The Telegraph"  ( Eng)
29 June 2007- La Nuova Venezia (Italian)
28 June 2007- Il Gazzetino (Italian)
26 Jun 2007- La Nuova Venezia (Italian)


Idea and direction: Rodrigo Pardo
Choreography: Rodrigo Pardo icw. Cristina Cortés
Dancers: Cristina Cortés/Claudia Jakobsen/Rosalia Wanka,  and Rodrigo Pardo
Music: "Tanguera" by Mariano Mores
Length: 10 minutes
Presentation frame: four performances a day, one every half an hour

Denmark Tour -August 2018 -Gadeteater Festival ( Randers-Ikast-Kopenaghe-Silkeborg-Koge-Gentofte-Fredericksberg-Esbjerg-Gulborgsund)

Presented at: "5 Festival di Danza Cont di Venezia" (IT), “Festival Temporada Alta” (ES), “Dance Umbrella” (UK), "Festival de Marseille" (FR), “Museo Palazzo Riso” (IT), “Napoli Teatro Festival Italia”(IT), ” Danceworks”, Sheffield (UK), Thessaloniki Festival (GR)

Comissioned by: “Biennale di Venezia” (IT) 2007


©Photo: Quim Curbet
©Photo: Quim Curbet
©Photo: Quim Curbet