ROOF a live movie site-specific project
A panoramic view of a city is always referring to this infinite net of stories happening at the same time.
Hidden behind walls and windows we can imagine the present life of a community, while the past is written in their façades and the future prefigured in the concreteness of the constructions that will remain much after we are gone.

A city in its complexity is impossible to be “represented”, and even the most accurate film or theatre piece having a city as a background needs to erase its details, and direct the gaze of the audience by narrowing down the information around a particular story.

Aiming to create a third space in between theatricality and reality, ROOF brings the audience to a building terrace and place the actors/dancers scattered in the landscape. Helped by the sound coming from wireless headphones and binoculars, the public is invited to follow a “live movie”: an original script made to fit in this specific location with elements of dance, live re-takes of classic films, and documentary material previously gathered in the neighborhood.

The performance become in this way not only what the dancers/actors are doing, but also the resonance of their actions against a background that reaches the horizon line and involves in its trajectory many layers of association possibilities. Due to the shift of perception provoked by the piece, the city is suddenly transformed into a gigantic décor in which the categorization of real and fiction needs to be given by the spectator.

 “(…)Roof a live movie/Napoli is not lacking of suggestion, in fact they come like a torrent in this precious and romantic performance placed in an absolutely innovative location.
As Totò directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini said, "we are a dream inside the dream", and if it went really like this last  night on the roofs of the Academy, then be sure that there is no better dream to have.”
Campagnia su web, Carla Bagnulo, June 2009

“Innovative and experimental the contribution offered on this occasion by Rodrigo Pardo to the audience of the Teatro Festival Italia. The kind of beautiful and risky ideas that contemporary theater needs to look towards the future.”

Teatro.Org, Alessia Coppola, June 2009

“The Accademia di Belle Arti welcomes the audience on the roofs for "Roof a live movie / Napoli" by Rodrigo Pardo, beautiful visions scattered all around, headphones recalling sounds and words and the binoculars allowing indiscreet glances. The fast game that you would like never ends close with a smile a Festival’s day.”
La Reppublica — June 2009


ROOF a live movie


2019 TV -ROOF/RIJEKA (croatian)
29 June 2009- Il Mattino (Italian)
20 June 2009- La Reppublica (Italian)
20 June 2009- Il Mattino (Italian)
10 June 2009- Il Mattino (Italian)

12 April 2008- Theater op het dak (audio-Dutch)

ROOF / Rijeka (2019)

A short version of ROOF was presented inside the MakeAmove project
in September 2019.Initially intended to be further developed during the
activities of Rijeka 2020 Cultural Capital, covid19 forced the project to stop

Presented: 19 september 2019
Place: Robna kuća RI/Croatia
Concept, script and direction: Rodrigo Pardo
MakeaMove director: Ivana Perianic
Performers/creators:James Riodan-Iva Korbar-Uros Vladenovic
Lenght: 25 min.
 Roof Rijeka

ROOF a live movie / Napoli

Concept , script and direction: Rodrigo Pardo   
Original music: Simon Thierrée
Performers/creators: Loredana Antonelli, Cristina Cortés, Livia Lupatelli, Piergiorgio  Milano, Leonardo Maddalena, Giulio Pampiglione, Tonia Garante, Rodrigo Pardo and Ciro Cavallo (voice)
Light design: Ellen Knops
Dramaturgical coach: Dirk Groeneveld
Costumes: Students of Acc.di Belle Arti di Napoli directed by Zaira de Vicentis
Amst. production/St. manager: Alexandros Vrettos
Production director: Giuliana Ciancio
Technical director: Marciano Rizzo
Collaborators: Stefano Limone, Ilaria Ceci, Viviana Arano, Marco Rossano, Dino Rossi, Salvo Guastaferro, Andrea Gagliotti, Flavia di Santis
Lenght: 45 min. (2 presentations per night)

Private spaces provided by: Mariateresa Laieta, Vicenzo Parisi, Federica Perilli and Davide Stasino

Produced by: Napoli Teatro Festival Italia (IT)

In collaboration with: Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli (IT)

ROOF a live movie / Amsterdam

Concept, script and direction: Rodrigo Pardo
Original music: Simon Thierrée
Performers/creators: Andrea Boll, Peter Kadar, Esther Mugambi, Luc van Esch, Alfredo Genovesi, Norberto Llopis, Cristina Cortés, Rodrigo Pardo
Asistence-Brainstorming: Cecilia Vallejos, Sarah van Lamsweerde
Production: Hans Mets-Rodrigo Pardo
Ligth and video operators: Zinzi Kemper, Jeffrey Steenbergen
Lenght: 30 min. (2 presentations per night)

Private spaces provided by: Ad Wagemakers, Hank Bouerwmeester-Ana Hemker, Josien Booy-Renato Korony+Lindi, C Tefsen, Bobie Rossini, Martje Berg-Otto Schuurman, Haye Bouwman and Gerretz van de Wiel

Supported by : Dasarts (Final Project), Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and TheTheaterschool (NL)


 ©Photo: Laura Ferrari
 ©Photo: RP
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