OGNAT dance piece
As if we would be in tango house for tourists in Buenos Aires, “Ognat” starts with a couple dancing a tango in its characteristic passionate and virtuoso style. But what happen after the spectacular ending and the clamorous applause is a progressive decoding of all the glamorous clichés associated with this dance.

“Ognat”, in this way, plays with the expectations around the word “Tango” and the predefined images included already in the mind of the spectators before they come to the theatre.
The dancers embodies these images and at the same time abandon them, creating a gap, a space in which is possible to redefine again what they are watching.

Focusing on this active side of the audience, the piece shift from tango to contemporary dance, mixing live performance with prerecorded video, taking the time to transmit the subtleness of a sensual touch, the tenderness of a warm embrace or the violence of a punch right in the nose.

“..Ognat didn’t show “the sad thought to be danced”, but the capacity of the dance, of any dance to make of itself a vehicle of emotions and concepts. Of contrasts. Off sweet and bitter sensual games. ..Pardo and his company succeeded, by performing a very complex piece, in what they wanted to show”

 Il Gazzetino, Paola Burna, Venice, June 2007




Idea and direction: Rodrigo Pardo
Rodrigo Pardo in collaboration with Cristina Cortés and Sebastián Scandroglio
Original music:
Carmen Baliero
Dancers :
Cristina Cortés, Sebastián Scandroglio and Rodrigo Pardo
Ligth design:
Matias Sendón
Valentina Bari


Produced by:
La Biennale di Venezia (IT)
Premiered at:
Teatro Piccolo Arsenale (Venice) 2007

©Photo: Biennale di Venezia
©Photo: Biennale di Venezia
©Photo: Rocío Fernández Madero