FLAT aerial theater
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"In an unknown city, in an apartment like any other, an anonymous man loses his ground. Literally upside down, the control over his senses abandons him, as well as its attachment to reality.
This character, halfway between a metamorphosed Kafka and a restless J.L.Borges, is also a room traveler, wandering through the labyrinths if his own conscience, errant inside his mental landscapes

FLAT combines storytelling, video projections, and aerial performance. It could be presented on the back wall of a theatre stage, or outdoors, four stories up, on the side of an apartment building. The inner voice text can be translated and recorded in the local language.


This is one dance that could be seen again and again, as its mystery was more potent than its meaning "
Wendy Liberatore
 (01/13/013 The Daily Gazzete, Sch.NYork-US)
Link to complete review "The Daily Gazzete"

"(...) a breathtaking, elusive narrative that combines movement, video projections and text. In Flat, Argentinian choreographer and theatre maker Rodrigo Pardo plays with abstract notions of time, space and perspective, all of them qualities that can no longer be taken for granted here – in a literal sense due to the tilted performance area hung at a dizzying height, and in a figurative sense. "
Brechtje Szwaneveld
(30-08-2014 TheaterKrant, The Netherlands)
Link to complete review "The TeaterKrant"

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Concept, direction, text, choreography: Rodrigo Pardo
Dance, choreography, design of flight system: Yves Fauchon
2nd dancer-flight assistant: Kiluangi Wolf
Video animation: Murielle Felix
Original music: Simon Thierrée
Dramaturgy: Sybille Cornet
Voice off english:  Theodore Bouloukos
Valerie Pouleau/Anna Belguermi/Oximoron asbl




24/25/25/27/28 July : "Festival Chalon dans la rue", Chalon sur Saone/FR
25/26/27/28 September: "Metamorphoses", Marseille/FR

2014 :

-Festival TAC, Valladolid-ES (19 to 24 May)
-Les Tombees dans la Nuit, Rennes-FR (1 to 6 July)
-Festival de la Cité Lausanne-CH (10 to 13 July)
-Theater op de Markt, Hasselt-BE (8 to 10 August)
-Cultura Nova, Heerlen-NL (29 August to 2 September)
-Nuit Blanche Kosice-SK (4 October)

2015 :

-Inauguration of Point H^UT, Tours-FR (15 April)
-Festival Cratère/Surfaces, Alés-FR (3 July)
-Festival TraveLlings, Marseille-FR (25 - 26 September)

2016 :
-Norfolk&Norwich Festival-UK (13-14 of May)
-Festival Bonds of Culture-Szcezin-PL (2 July)

2017 :
-Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires-AR (5,6,7 October)



IN-SITU Network / Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof (BE) / Lieux Publics- centre national de création pour l’espace publics, Marseille (FR) / Festival Les tombées de la Nuit, Rennes (FR) / Københavns Internationale Teater (DK), in the frame of META project coproduced by the European Comission (DGEAC-­‐programme Culture) / Marseille-­‐Provence 2013, Capitale européenne de la culture / EMPAC Rensselaer-Troy, NY (US) / SACD-SCAM Brussels / WBI Wallonie Bruxelles International (BE) / Garage 29 (BE)