DOS AMBIENTES dance video

This dance-video was filmed in the own choreographer’s flat. It tells how the dance piece Cuadrado Negro Sobre Fondo Negro was made (created in the living room of the same apartment and put into scene after that) and simultaneously presents the real situations that motivated the piece before mentioned. Filmed with a single camera and with a very low production budget, 2 AMBIENTES   is a testimony of the artists’ universe, including Argentinean tango, suprematist painting and even a fight scene in the Batman&Robin style.

If all places are filled with the events that have taken place there, how many stories would fit into a 30m² flat?

“Dos Ambientes" (Argentina, 2004) Beginning with a spectacular fantasy tango inside a tiny bathroom, Rodrigo Pardo's 15-minute dance drama also features a brutal fight-dance in a narrow kitchen and intense split-screen love duets -- all using spatial confinement to enhance the dance experience.
Funny, sexy and endlessly resourceful, the choreography conjures dancing out of alternately mundane and grim reality with great freshness.”

THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, Lewis Segal, May 2006


Dos Ambientes


28 May 2006- Los Angeles Times (English)
Jury Report CINEDANS 2006 (English)


Los Angeles Times


Script, choreography and direction: Rodrigo Pardo
Camera and editing:
Guiye Fernández
Rodrigo Pardo and Guiye Fernández
Gabriela Lavagnino, Cristina Cortés, Josefina Lamarre,
Noelia Leonzio, Diego Poblete and Rodrigo Pardo
Original music:
Miguel Rausch
Miguel Solowej
Lucia Bianco
Supported by: 
Yamaha (we had to sell the motorbike)

« Jury prize » Dance Camera Istanbul 2007, Turkey
« Jury prize »
Cinedans Festival 2006, The Netherlands
« Nomination best screen choreography »
IMZ DanceScreen 2007, Switzerland
« Jury special mention »
Il Coreógrafo Elettronico 2005, Italy

Official selection:

VII Festival Int. de Video Danza de Buenos Aires (AR)/ III Festival Internacional de cine de Mar del Plata (AR)/ 6th Thessaloniki Film Festival (GR)/ FIVU 05 (UY)/ Dança em Foco 05 (BR)/ Dancefilmday Festival 05 (UK)/ 14th Moving Pictures of Dance Films (CA)/ Dance Camera West 06 (U.S)/ Festival IDN Barcelona07 (ES) / 3 Festival Cambalache (AR)/ La noche de los cortos 06 (PE)/ "Dance Moments"07,Krakovia (PL)/ Fringe Festival Shanghai 07 (CN)/ Dansecamdance 07, Gent (BE)/ AFIA International Film Festival 07, Aarhus (DK)/ Cinepobre Mexico/ Movement07 Manchester (UK)/ Screen dance Basel07 (SZ)/ Jujuy en cortos 07(AR)/ Istambul International Short Film Festival (TR)/ INPORT 07 - 5th International Video-Performance Art Festival (Estonia)/ Arte Canal Argentina


©Photo: Guiye Fernández
©Photo: Guiye Fernández
©Photo: Guiye Fernández